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I’m Jentrey Potter


Speaker, Author, Women's Advocate, Humanitarian, Board Certified Health & Life Transformation Coach dedicated to empowering you to be the SHERO I know is already inside of you



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"I believe that we get more out of life when we let go and PLAY more! Life is only as hard as we decide it has to be."  Jentrey

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When you invest in changing your story through our work, you change your life AND a sister on the other side of the globe. Let's make the world a better place together. Every course or SHERO Shop purchase benefits girls and women around the globe. 


Jentrey is one of the bravest women I know, therefore the most beautiful:) I have loved getting to know Jentrey, working with her, co-inspiring with her. Her support and insights have helped me feel seen and heard, while challenging me to go beyond my fear...she leads and shares with her whole heart!!!


Susannah Campora

Connected Co-Lab 

Denver, Colorado USA


I have learned a TON from Jentrey over the past year! Not just Facebook Live, but she personifies someone who is constantly learning and growing in any way possible. I highly recommend working with her!


Heidi Totten

100 Humanitarians International 

Sandy, Utah USA 


She speaks from her heart. Genuinely cares to make people see the best in themselves and if they don't see it she shows them the way. Fearless, fierce, and kind are just some words which describe my friend Jentrey Potter.


Brianna Juel 

Blissed Out Mom 

San Clemente, California  USA


Jentrey is one the main reasons I am where I am today! From her amazing talents leveraging livestreams to her 1:1 coaching sessions, working with Jentrey helped me get my business off the ground. She gave me the confidence to tap into my inner SHERO and I haven’t looked back. Jentrey is knowledgeable, supportive and genuine. I highly recommend her programs and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her!


Elaine McCarty

Reiki Practitioner 

Morrison,  Colorado USA 


"Jentrey Potter has been a tremendous source of encouragement & support in the time I've known & worked with her. The training & coaching I've received from her has been instrumental in helping me start my journey into taking more risks as well as getting much more comfortable in front of the Facebook LIVE camera. Jentrey is an amazing person; she's authentically and unapologetically herself and I feel lucky to know her and call her my friend."


Abby Gardner

Abby Cooks Wild

Golden, Colorado USA 


Jentrey is an outstanding woman who speaks from her heart and experiences. She shines brightly as she shares her passion and love with other women. Gaining strength and knowledge from her own life challenges, she's strong and full of supportive truths. Driven to share her excitement and enlighten all women, her creativity to get the word out there grows every day. Time with Jentrey is a gift to yourself. My
friendship with Jentrey is such a blessing.
She will enhance and walk you through things you're attempting already or gently look at your stuck places. That can be scary. You will feel safe and know she's someone you can trust. She's real and she's not going away! Love her as do many others.


Mary Ball

Denver, Colorado USA 


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