I’m Jentrey


I show women their SUPER POWERS! 


Can I ask an honest question? Do you feel like life is happening to you...or for you? 


Are you truly happy with your life's story & the direction your life is headed??

Or do you feel trapped in the rat race & feel like you can't get off the hamster wheel life has you spinning on? 


WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THERE IS A BETTER WAY…A WAY FOR YOU to go from victim to victorious...to go from zero to SHERO... and turn your pain into your passion!


What if YOU can be the SHERO of your own story™?! 


Hi! I’m Jentrey Potter, Founder of the Be The SHERO Membership Course, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, FB Live Host of The SHERO Show, Creator of the 5 Step SHERO Rescue Method, Philanthropist & Humanitarian and Health & Life Transformation Coach and I empower women to BE THE SHERO of their own story by helping women transform 12 areas of their lives and turn their pain into their passion!


I get it, you’re still scared, unsure of yourself, I felt the same way. Until someone showed me what I couldn’t see in myself, THAT I AM A WARRIOR, I AM LOVABLE, & I AM WORTHY, and I AM A SHERO!!! 


And whether you know it or not yet, SO ARE YOU!!!



Its time to Be The SHERO of your own story...






Transform your old stories that are no longer serving you into NEW & POWERFUL stories that will empower you and all those around you. 

You will go from victim to victorious

You will go from zero to SHERO

You will turn your pain into your passion


You will be the SHERO of your own story™





What You Get




  • MONTH 1- Rescue your Overall Health & Wellbeing


    Remember that little girl inside you who loved herself, who laughed, played, ran, skipped and jumped? Remember the wild imagination, singing and dancing without a care in the world. Where is she? Lets dive in and find her again.





  • MONTH 2- Rescue Your Nutrition & Conscious Eating


    Say goodbye to dieting, self deprivation, and self loathing and say HELLO to honoring and listening to your body in a way that feels right for you. You will begin to find a whole new you!





  • MONTH 3- Rescue Your Fitness & Physical Activity


    Do you hate gyms, intense militant workouts, and screaming fitness instructors? ME TOO! What if you could honor your body and feel good in it by doing movement that you LOVE?! Is that possible? Lets find out together




  • MONTH 4- Rescue Your Money & Abundance


    I’m pretty sure “money” is one of those rare 4-letter words that somehow managed to be spelled with 5 letters! Why are we so afraid of money and why does no one talk about it? Maybe because the old ways of thinking of money are killing our souls and our bank accounts and there’s a BETTER way! Let’s start TALKING about it! Let’s make money FUN again!





  • MONTH 5-

    Rescue Your Self Care


    What does “self care” mean to you? Do you take time for yourself to refill your cup everyday? Or is self care just a pipe dream? Are you like the millions of other women who drive yourself 6 feet under the ground for your job, your kids, your spouse, and your friends? It's not just needed, its NECESSARY for you to THRIVE and not just survive. Let's start saying YES to YOU!

  • MONTH 6-  Rescue Your Business


    Do  you own your own business or work a 9-5? Do you LOVE your job & feel that it matches your values, purpose and mission? NO?! What if your business could be a place that you feel inspired, empowered, and that is helping you lead a purpose-driven life rather than draining you of your time, energy, and lifeblood. What if you were able to LIVE to work, rather than WORK to live



  • MONTH 7-

    Rescue Your Social Life


    We live in the most social technology-connected age in history and yet we are the most disconnected, lonely and depressed in the history of human kind. What has happened to our ability to connect, engage, and be present with ourselves and each other? WHAT IF, we can change that paradigm both ON and OFF the internet? Its time to put the LIFE back into social life

  • MONTH 8- Rescue Your

    Home & Family


    Sometimes we feel like we can hardly manage ourselves let alone manage a relationship with each of the people and critters under our roof. What if it were possible to make peace with ourselves and our family relationships and make our homes our own personal sanctuaries 





  • MONTH 9-

    Rescue Your Relationships


    Do you feel like a stranger to your spouse or significant other? Maybe you’d just like to have a significant other in the first place! Maybe you just want to “relate” to yourself more. Discover self love AND how you can attract more love to your life whether thats a new or old relationship and discover what LOVE really means

  • MONTH 10- Rescue Your

    Creativity & Self Expression


    When did you stop playing, exploring, and  giving yourself permission to be your true self? Have you replaced the voices from your childhood with your OWN voice that said “you’re doing it wrong”, “color inside the lines”, “you’re not good enough”, “playful bright colors make you stand out & its not safe to stand out”….its time to QUIET those voices and learn how to PLAY again!!




  • MONTH 11-

    Rescue Your Spirituality


    THROW OUT everything you thought you knew and accept the call to explore YOUR inner faith, higher power, and spiritual connection. Give yourself permission to explore the unknown, have a conversation with your higher self, and find the face of God, your angels, and the Universe. You may be pleasantly surprised what you might find as you explore your personal spiritual journey

  • MONTH 12- Rescue Your

    Joy & Happiness


    When was the last time you felt PURE joy, happiness and utter elation?!  For most people, life is full of stress, anxiety, loneliness, financial pressure, with over scheduled & over tired endless expectations that feel impossible to meet. What if you can create YOUR OWN joy & happiness?! Is that even allowed? It is now!


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